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Outlet Works Rehabilitation Guide for Small Dams


Does the outlet need attention?

Understanding the condition of your outlet works guides your rehabilitation decision.  For example, a conduit with substantial deterioration should be replaced, not sliplined.

Existing Conditions Evaluation

Can the existing outlet be rehabilitated or is a full replacement needed?

The existing conduit may be rehabilitated in-place, or fully replaced. There are many factors that need to be carefully considered when making this decision.

Conduit Rehab

What are the outlet configuration options?

Choosing the correct configuration depends on many factors.

Outlet Configuration

When is a Filter/Drain Necessary?

It is important to anticipate potential seepage paths along penetrations through dams.

Filters & Drains

Accounting for Energy Dissipation

Simple techniques are available to control erosion in the stilling basin.

Energy Dissipation

What construction considerations are key?

Careful construction is the key to prevent unanticipated seepage, and settlement.

Construction Considerations